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Vision Custom Tooling

Additional Services Offered

In order to support and service our customers, Vision maintains a vast array of equipment. We are continually updating and adding to our equipment inventory to continually grow and expand our capabilities.

Reverse Engineering & Part Solid Modeling | Vision Custom Tooling

Reverse Engineering and Part Solid Modeling

At Vision Custom Tooling we utilize the latest in CMM and Solidworks Design Software to help bring your parts and ideas to life. Many customers come to us with older tools and OEM parts that they can do not have any information on, yet need to repair or make new to stay in production. Our talented team of designers can measure, model, and provide our shop with the information they need to keep you up and running.

Plastic Injection Mold Design | Vision Custom Tooling

Plastic Injection Mold Design

Whether you are looking for a single cavity prototype mold to get you started, or have an established product that requires a high production tool, Vision has you covered. Our design team will put their expertise and skills to work for you to create innovative tool designs and solve existing tooling problems to help make better parts and keep you in production longer. 

Mold & Die Repair | Vision Custom Tooling

Mold & Die Repair

Do you have a simple repair or major rebuild? Vision Custom Tooling can handle it all. We will work within your manufacturing needs to keep your downtime to a minimum, and get your tools back in top shape.

Equipment & Capabilities | Vision Custom Tooling

Laser Engraving

Part identification problem? Allow Vision Custom Tooling to solve that with our custom laser engraving solutions. We can handle anything from simple part numbers or cavity identification within a tool to complex marking solutions including logos, symbols, and stamps that would not be possible with traditional manufacturing methods.

Secondary OP Machining | Vision Custom Tooling

Secondary OP Machining

As part of our full-service machine shop, Vision can set up and run your secondary operations to eliminate gates, and runners, or to provide value-added services to your products. We work with several customers in the plastic injection molding industry and several casting Industries to meet their quality and production needs.

Our Sister Company

Plastic Injection Molding at KER Custom Molders Inc.

As part of our comprehensive manufacturing solutions, Vision is housed within the same building as our sister company KER Custom Molders, a state-of-the-art Plastic Injection molding facility. The dedicated KER team truly exemplifies the word custom, as they serve both long and short-run customers to meet their production needs. This allows Vision to offer customers complete turn-key manufacturing from design to production in the plastic injection mold industry. Design it, build it, and run it all in one place.

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Vision Custom Tooling

Vision Custom Tooling Inc. Is a full-service tool and die shop specializing in the design and manufacture of plastic injection molds, die cast molds, extrusion molds, transfer molds, stamping dies, complex and simple fixtures, and precision components for a variety of industries including recreational, medical, food, marine, transportation and automotive.


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